Jewelry Care

1、Avoid prolonged contact with sweat, water, grease, acid and alkali and other chemicals, such as sports, swimming, bathing It is best to take off jewelry.

2、When storing titanium steel jewelry, it is best to put it in a separate box or flannel bag to prevent scratching.

3、Avoid mixing titanium steel jewelry with other jewelry to avoid friction and scratching.

4、Use a soft cloth to wipe the surface of titanium steel jewelry regularly, you can use soapy water or clean water to clean, and then dry with a clean soft cloth.

5、When encountering stains that are difficult to clean, you can use neutral detergents or professional cleaners, but pay attention to avoid using too harsh cleaning agents.

6、If titanium steel jewelry appears scratched or discolored, it can be sent to a professional jewelry repair shop for repair and polishing.

In short, the right maintenance method can extend the service life of titanium steel jewelry and keep them beautiful and radiant.